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VINTAGE LEVIS FIT GUIDE. Finding your favorite pair of Vintage Levis can be extremely hard if you're unsure of the fits/styles. So here are is a guide to get you closer to finding your favorite new pair. Vintage denim is 100% cotton and rigid, it won't stretch like modern denim. The tagged sizes on vintage denim can sometimes be inaccurate, the constant washing, and age can make denim shrink 2-3 sizes so although it can be tagged a "29" waist it can measure a"26" waist so it's important to go by the measurements pictured. 

  • Vintage 501 Levi's Jeans

When I think of US History the first thing that comes to my mind is blue jeans.  They earned their name in the 1890's as "501" when Levis started assigning numbers to pairs to differentiate each of their fits. They have since become one of the most coveted styles for Vintage Levis. The last pair of Vintage USA made 501's was produced in 2003, in San Antonio Texas. If you're trying to find the style of a pair of vintage Levis worn by celebrities like Emma Chamberlain, Gigi Hadid or even an icon like Princess Diana they were most likely 501's. Vintage 501 Levi's Jeans feature a mid rise, slim fit, straight leg and a 4-5 button closure. They are 100% cotton rigid denim.

  • Vintage 701 Levi's 

Vintage 701 Levi's Jeans feature a mid rise, button closure, a straight leg, slimmer fit down the hips than a classic 501. Many tag's on 701's will feature "student fit" to indicate they're slimmer.  

  • Vintage 505 Levi's Jeans

This style was formally introduced in 1967. This means that if you have a pair of vintage 505's they can be up to 40 years old. Vintage 505 Levis have a mid rise, slim fit, straight leg, & zipper closure.The fit is extremely similar to that of the 501 without the button fly. These are also narrower down the hips than a normal pair of 501's. This fit is perfect if you have smaller hips. 

  • Vintage 550 Levi's Jeans 

Vintage 550's are high waisted, relaxed in the hips, have a tapered leg and a zipper closure. These have more space in the hips than 501's/512's/701's. If you find that these styles are typically too small for you, try vintage 550's. 

  • Vintage 512 Levi's Jeans 
Vintage 512 Levi's Jeans feature a high-waist ,slim fit, tapered leg and zipper closure. Another similar style to this fit is Vintage 912 Orange Tab Levi's they fit the exact same but one features an orange tab (912).
  • Vintage 17550 Levi's Jeans
Vintage 17550 are anther variation of the "550's". They feature a high waist, relaxed fit, tapered leg and zipper closure.
  • Vintage 17501 Levi's Jeans
Vintage 17501 Levis Jeans are a variation of a classic pair of 501 Levi's. They have a highwaist, slim fit, slightly tapered leg and feature a 5 button fly closure.
  • Vintage Orange Tab Levis

If you own a pair of Orange Tab Levis they're fake. Just kidding. I hear this a lot! Orange tab Levis aren't fake, it's a budget fashion line Levis ran from 1969-1999. These were less expensive than your normal red tab and during the time less coveted since they were "budget friendly". If you've come across of pair of orange tabs with the tags blacked out or even entirely cut out, this is why. This line included styles like 646 bell bottoms, 917 bootcut Levis, 15951, 951, orange tab 550's, 317's, 505's, 950's, 517's. 

  • Vintage 912 Levi's Jeans
  • Vintage 912 Levi's Jeans are one of the styles that came out of Levi's orange tab budget friendly line. They feature an orange tab, high waist, with a slim fit, tapered leg and a zipper closure. 
  • Vintage 950 Orange Tab Levi's Jeans 
  • Vintage 15951 Orange Tab Levi's Jeans
  • Vintage Orange Tab 550 Student Fit Levi's Jeans 
  • Vintage 917 Orange Tab Levi's Jeans 

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